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“Terroir” is a French word which means “Earth” that come to refer to a sense of place, an unique combination of things such as the vineyard and variety planted , the hands who work it, climate, soil, altitude and exposition that it makes so different and unique to the rest of the surroundings, in a particular year.
Vinos Naturales

Natural Wines

Wines from vineyards that are farmed organically, and which are produced without adding or removing anything during vinification, apart from a dash of minimum sulfites at most at bottling. “Just fermented grape juice”

Vinos Ecológicos

Organic Wines

Wines from vineyards that are farmed organically, and where the use of any pesticide, herbicide are prohibited. Only are authorized those to prevent the different diseases that can affect the vineyards.

Vinos de Parcela

Single Vineyard Wines

Wines from single vineyard where the type of soil, variety or varieties planted, altitude, etc, make them unique.

Vinos Generosos

Fortified Wines

Finos, Manzanillas, Amontillados, Olorosos, Palo Cortado, Pedro Ximénez, Porto, Madeira,etc.

Cata de vinos

Wine tasting

We organize wine tasting for small groups. Do not doubt to contact us if you are interesting in.

Contact me!

Contact me

Do you want to surprise your guests with something different ?, Do you want to have a special day ?, or you’re simply a wine lover looking for premium quality wines. I will be pleased to attend you. Do not hesitate to contact me.